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NASA 1/3

NASA Daily update ⋅ January 3, 2023 NEWS 'We're in a space race': Nasa sounds alarm at Chinese designs on moon - The Guardian The Guardian The assessment came from the Nasa administrator, Bill Nelson, a former astronaut and Florida senator, who went on to warn that China could ... Flag as irrelevant NASA Considers SpaceX as Emergency Return Option for ISS Crew - CNET CNET NASA and Roscosmos are working out how to get two cosmonauts and an astronaut back home after their spacecraft sprung a leak. Flag as irrelevant NASA Has Reached Out To SpaceX For Rescue Of Potentially Stranded Astronauts IFLScience NASA has now revealed it has contacted SpaceX to discuss options for an emergency return of personnel on a Crew Dragon spacecraft, just to have ... Flag as...

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NASA 12/31

NEWS See NASA's newest Earth-monitoring satellite unfurl in space | Digital Trends Digital Trends This month, NASA launched a new satellite which has now unfurled in space ready to begin science operations, with a video showing the unfolding ... Terra Orbital Drift Information - NASA's Terra Full Coverage All of the moments and discoveries that provided us with wonder in 2022 - CNN CNN NASA shared an image of the Pillars of Creation, captured by the James Webb Space Telescope, in October. NASA/ESA/CSA/STScI. In 2022, the James Webb ... NASA in 2023: A Look Ahead - YouTube YouTube In 2022, we made history. In 2023, we are preparing for our future by exploring the secrets of the universe. All for the benefit of humanity. Juno spacecraft recovering its memory after...

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NASA 3/10/22

NASA Daily update ⋅ March 10, 2022 NEWS Engineering NASA's Return to the Moon NASA Their work continues Marshall's legacy of propelling NASA exploration through engineering. Built and managed by the Flight and Ground Software and ... Flag as irrelevant NASA is just now opening a vacuum-sealed sample it took from the moon 50 years ago - NPR NPR Astronaut and geologist Harrison Schmitt is seen in the Lunar Roving Vehicle during NASA's Apollo 17 mission on Dec. 13, 1972. A lunar soil sample ... Flag as irrelevant NASA's human Moon lander program finally gets full funding in new budget bill - The Verge The Verge On March 9th, Congressional appropriators released a new omnibus spending bill that would give some of NASA's underfunded programs the full ... Flag as irrelevant Congress finally delivers a...

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12/11 - NASA

NEWS Kilgore Public Library selected for NASA program - Longview News-Journal Longview News-Journal The Kilgore Public Library has been selected to be part of NASA My Library, an education initiative created to increase and enhance STEAM (science ... Michael Strahan joins Jeff Bezos Blue Origin crew, NASA astronaut Alan Shephard's ... FOX 32 Chicago Onboard was also Laura Shepard Churchley, the eldest daughter of the first American in space, NASA astronaut Alan Shepard, and four paying customers. NASA MEDIA TELECON ON SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS ON SpX-24 CARGO MISSION, Dec ... NASA will hold a media telecon on December 14, 2021 at 1:00 pm ET to discuss the science experiments that will be delivered to the International ... NASA's Perseverance rover beamed back postcard-worthy views of Mars - Mashable Mashable NASA's Perseverance rover sent back...

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