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NASA 3/10/22

Daily update  March 10, 2022
Engineering NASA's Return to the Moon
Their work continues Marshall's legacy of propelling NASA exploration through engineering. Built and managed by the Flight and Ground Software and ...
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NASA is just now opening a vacuum-sealed sample it took from the moon 50 years ago - NPR
Astronaut and geologist Harrison Schmitt is seen in the Lunar Roving Vehicle during NASA's Apollo 17 mission on Dec. 13, 1972. A lunar soil sample ...
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NASA's human Moon lander program finally gets full funding in new budget bill - The Verge
On March 9th, Congressional appropriators released a new omnibus spending bill that would give some of NASA's underfunded programs the full ...
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Congress finally delivers a budget, and NASA gets most of what it wants | Ars Technica
At the time, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said it was the best budget NASA had ever sought for science programs. "The Biden administration is ...
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7 Space Concepts That Were Too Wild for NASA - Gizmodo
The space agency has toyed with some big ideas over the years, but some things are even too NASA for NASA.
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Meteor streaks through Jupiter's atmosphere as NASA spacecraft watches | Space
When a rogue meteor careened through the atmosphere of Jupiter last year, it caught the attention of NASA's Juno spacecraft in orbit around the ...
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NASA's Exoplanet Superheroes - YouTube
The Chandra X-ray Observatory, like Hubble one of NASA's “Great Observatories,” examines the universe in X-rays. That has allowed it to peer into ...
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NASA spacecraft expected to find over 12,000 planets by 2024 - New York Post
Nasa's TESS spacecraft launched in 2018. Lev Savitskiy. NASA has discovered thousands of new planets to date – and there are plenty more where ...
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Meet the women behind NASA's Artemis Mission to the moon - The Today Show
... Wilson and Charlie Blackwell Thompson, four women who are helping lead NASA's effort to put people back on the moon with the Artemis Mission.
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Omnibus spending bill includes $24 billion for NASA for 2022 - SpaceNews
House and Senate appropriators completed work March 9 on an omnibus spending bill for fiscal year 2022 that would give NASA a little more than $24 ...
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