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Christmas in August?

Christmas is about goodwill and generosity. At Perfect Christmas Tree Farm, we align ourselves with projects that embody the spirit of Christmas, all year round. We invite people to our Funny Farm Laughter Club. It meets every Sat. at 11 am. We practice Laughter Yoga for one hour. Laughter Yoga is an exercise, routine anyone can do, that promotes happiness, health, and peace.  Laughter Club is free but sometimes people want to pay something. We suggest they donate to “NJ Farmers Against Hunger.”

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FIGS are ready, pick your own or we pick Pick your own, $10 per gallon . Or $5 per pound we pick. By appointment only please. Matt Williams, Hawkins Organic.  903 769 1017 PEARS are ready, pick your own or we pick. Good for eating or canning. All pears you buy in the store have been aged in the refrigerator for several weeks to finish ripening. Pears do not ripen properly on the tree. While they are edible now, they will taste better after aging in the fridge. If your canning, they can be canned right away. Schedule an appointment. $5 per gallon. $20 minimum. Bring a box to take them home in. Two types available, Ayers for fresh eating, and...

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11 Wells Spirits Co. Interview/Profile

Full Name of Business & Address. 11 Wells Spirits Co. 704 Minnehaha Ave N Saint Paul, MN 55106 Website & Contact Information. What are your hours? Cocktail Room, 5-9 Thursday, 5-10 Friday, 4-10 Saturday Tours of the distillery by appointment. Please answer these in more detail... 1. How does your business represent the ideals of craftsmanship and artisan quality? 11 Well Spirits prides itself on using Minnesota grown grains and MN Barrels to produce handcrafted whiskies, rums, and other craft spirits in small batches from grain to bottle. All of our spirits are produced in house and aged on site. Each whiskey released is selected and blended to reflect our vision of each variety we produce. 2. What is...

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