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Robots 3/10/22

Daily update  March 10, 2022
The 10 most innovative robotics companies in 2022
Robots are being deployed everywhere from warehouses to roads to operating rooms. Here's how DroneDeploy, Nimble, Nuro, and others are moving the ...
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Nvidia invests $10M in sidewalk robot delivery company Serve Robotics | TechCrunch
The strategic technology collaboration between Serve Robotics, an Uber spinout, and Nvidia will further the development of autonomous robotic ...
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Top 10 Newest Robots Rocking the Digital Sphere in 2022 - Analytics Insight
The digital sphere is thriving with the newest robots for the integration of robotics in Industry 4.0. Newest robots in digital world are ...
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Underwater robots find Shackleton's Endurance shipwreck in Antarctic - BBC News - YouTube
Scientists have found and filmed one of the greatest ever undiscovered shipwrecks 107 years after it sank.The Endurance, the lost vessel of ...
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Kawasaki's Robot Ibex: Can It Be Tamed? - IEEE Spectrum
We believe that the walking technology cultivated in the development of humanoid robots can definitely be applied to quadruped walking robots. It's ...
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Robot Food Delivery Service Officially Launches on Rocky Top - Campus News
UT and Starship Technologies rolled out a robot food delivery service on Rocky Top that will deliver from 16 campus eateries.
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Top 10 Evil Robots that has the Potential to Destroy Humanity - Analytics Insight
Whether it be Robot Sophia or Philip K Dick, there have been various moments where humanoid robots by Hanson robotics have shown destructive ...
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Is the World Geared Up for Humanoid Robots? - Analytics Insight
Humanoid Robots with the help of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can pose a threat to the livelihoods of many people as they'll be ...
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Labrador Systems robot can help people move items around their home - The Columbus Dispatch
Nationwide has partnered with robotics company Labrador Systems to test a new generation of robots meant to help people remain at home.
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Endurance: Underwater robots find Shackleton's lost ship - BBC News
Video captured by underwater robots of the shipwreck shows Endurance to be in remarkable condition. The ship sank 107 years ago and has been ...
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Assembling and Programming a Robotic Spider Glove V2
In this workshop, students will assemble a soft robotic glove and program its sensors into a game directed at rehabilitating dexterity movements, ...
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