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FAQ: What’s the difference between the types of spaceflights?

Suborbital flights typically have a much lower cost because they’re shorter than orbital flights and only take passengers about 100 miles above sea level—and back down again! These trips are short, they last about 3-5 minutes each way (including launch time). Note: This genre is changing a bit with new Space Tourism companies offering longer Suborbital flights via High soaring Space-grade balloons. 

Orbital flights take you into low Earth orbit at least 200 miles above sea level—and as far as 250 miles from Earth—where you’ll stay for several hours before your return back home every 90 minutes or so until all fuel is used up during re-entry into our atmosphere. Note: This genre is also morphing a bit with select Space Tourism companies offering potential ISS stays and future "Space Hotels" vacations.

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