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Rustic Smoked Kielbasi - 5 LB

Rustic Smoked Kielbasi - 5 LB

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Paleo Friendly... Energy Booster... Great Protein Snack....

Europeans take much pride in the variety of their sausages which number in the thousands. Recipes vary by region and family.

Contrary to popular belief, the word kiełbasa does not refer only to the large smoked links commonly seen vacuum-packed in grocery stores. Kiełbasa is the generic word for sausage, so whether it's smoked, fresh or cured, a kielbasa will always have a unique modifier to describe just what kind of sausage it is.

Our Smoked Sausage comes in traditional links; wonderful taste. Our Kielbasa has a nice hint of garlic and traditional seasonings----great for snacks, special events, as a protein and/or with a glass of wine---works for ALL occasions.