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For the past 2 decades many local and regional farmers and wineries are choosing to embrace Artisan, All Natural and/or Organic farming methods in order to "grow" and/or "create" a more pure product.

Many companies and schools around North America have begun to exclusively work with TRULY ALL NATURAL products in order to focus on quality, safety and healthy living...Riding the ALL NATURAL wave to healthy living and great taste..

In short-----their has been a strong movement in the USA; and North America in general, to embrace Artisan, All Natural, Organic and/or Grass-Fed Wines, Beers, Meat, Eggs, Vegetables, Legumes, Fish, Fruits, Jarred goods and Dairy products.




  • Have an event upcoming? A wedding? Party? Corporate Event??? Retreat? Whatever you are planning we can offer you MEMBER ONLY discount rentals on Wineries , Vineyards and/or Farms!!!
  • Interested in buying BULK farm products for your school or business at a large discount whenever available
  • Big discounts on MEMBER ONLY Entertainment packages
  • Member Only Deals & Specials sent directly to you
  • Member Only Insider News from our Grass Fed Partners
  • It's FREE FREE FREE!!!!
  • Be part of a Healthy Living Movement and Network with new friends

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